Belly Dancing (14+ years)

Enjoy a girls night out! Explore Middle Eastern dance, along with other world dance forms, while strengthening and toning your body. Belly dance increases your flexibility, grace, posture and self-confidence. New choreographed dances are taught each session, along with technique, movement drills and combos you can use whenever the music moves you.

Crossfitness Crusher (18+ years)

Now is the time to join the MPPD-version of CrossFit. Your coach will set you up for success by breaking down each exercise, so you are learning it correctly from the start. Bring a friend and compete against each other or try to beat yourself each week. Progress will be the goal along with safety, education and fun! Previous exercise experience required. This is an advanced workout.

Mat Pilates (13+ years)

Strengthen your core while gaining long and lean muscles throughout your body. Improve your balance, flexibility, and stability. For beginners to intermediate to experienced participants. Mini balls, resistance bands, and other equipment may be used.

Silver Workout (55+ years)

Enjoy a sit and fit workout with yoga and Pilates postures and stretches. Light weights and Pilates ball may be used, as well as some optional standing exercises and balance work. However, participants may stay seated for the entire workout. This class is structured for patrons who are 55+ years of age.

Vinyasa Flow and Strength (13+ years)

Increase your strength, flexibility and muscle tone, while calming your mind through this all level yet challenging yoga class. Achieve a balanced mind and body as we focus on holding poses, use flow (vinyasa) and directed breath, reaching for the fullest benefits and expression of your yoga practice. Vocal direction, modification and subtle adjustments provided throughout class, meeting each student’s practice needs.

Yoga for Maximum Health (13+ years)

Get ready to flow, balance, twist and breathe. This yoga class is designed to improve strength, stamina and focus while creating the mind/body connection. Traditional yoga flow builds heat from within while lighthearted modifications keep the class interesting. Props such as blocks and straps will be provided.