New Youth Classes this Fall


Visual Arts

NEW! Messy Art (3-5 years)

Dress for the mess and artistic success! Children are free to smear, squeeze, splatter and explore artistic possibilities in sensory play bins, writing tables and on giant paper. They will create paintings too big to try at home. Experiment with a variety of materials; including paint, clay, crayons, chalk, and collage to help develop fine and gross motor skills. A messy good time!

No Class: 9/3, 10/8, 11/19, 12/24, 12/31.

Day      Date              Time                  R/NR Fee         Code

Mon     8/27-10/29     4:15-5pm          $75/85              34919

Mon     11/5-1/14       4:15-5pm          $75/85              34920


NEW! Oil Painting Nights for Teens (13-17 years)

Want to try oil painting, but don’t have the room? Want guidance? Try our Oil Painting just for teens! Work on 3 paintings landscape, animal, still life, superhero, and more. This class is recommended for beginners through experienced artists. Canvas and basic paint colors included. As you progress, please consider your own supplies at home. Instructor: Studio Staff. No Class: 10/31. 

Day      Date              Time             R/NR Fee             Code

Wed    10/3-11/14     6-7:45pm      $115/125               34924


NEW! Advanced Drawing (13-17 years)

For the student looking to polish their skills and create great artwork. You will receive one-on-one attention and focus to improve your drawing skills. After creating a strong drawing, finish it in watercolor, acrylics, pen and ink, charcoal or colored pencils. Week one will focus on still life (a light and shadow study). Week two, mirrored self portraits. Week three, cityscapes done in charcoal. Sign up for one or all three! Instructor: Studio Staff.

Day      Date              Time                  R/NR Fee         Code

Mon     9/17               7-8:45pm          $28/33              34925

Mon     10/15             7-8:45pm          $28/33              34932

Mon     11/12             7-8:45pm          $28/32              34933


NEW! DIY Witch (7-14 years)

Come join us for some wickedly fun painting.  Start the fall season off right making a witch out of wood, branches, raffia and more to display for the season!

Day      Date              Time                  R/NR Fee         Code

Sun      10/7               4-6pm               $23/28              34921




NEW! 3 on 3 Fall Basketball League (8-14 years)

The 3-on-3 Basketball League exposes youth players to team dynamics and develops their intermediate and advanced skill levels. Through game play, players learn new techniques and improve existing skill levels. Evaluations are held the first week and will be used to determine team placement and provide balanced teams. All players receive a reversible jersey. Hot Shots Sports will provide all coaches.

Day  Date              Time              Location     Age      R/NR Fee    Code

Fri    9/14-11/2      6-7pm            RPX             8-10      $114/124     34325

Fri    9/14-11/2      7-8pm            RPX             11-14    $114/124     34326


NEW! Home School P.E. (4-10 years)

Home School P.E. will rotate through a variety of sports activities and games to provide sport fundamentals, strength and mobility training, as well as social growth and team participation. Students will participate in age appropriate activities that include fitness, team building games, and sport specific skills. This class is a great way to get your child up and moving, learning new skills, trying new activities and making friends! No Class: 11/23.

Day  Date              Time                  Location Age      R/NR Fee    Code

Fri    9/14-12/21    9:30-10:30am    RPX         4-6        $168/178     34327

Fri    9/14-12/21    10:30-11:30am  RPX         7-10      $168/178     34328


NEW! Hot Shots Sports Tots Basketball (3-5 years)

Children are introduced to the game of basketball in a safe, fun and exciting environment. This class uses age appropriate activities and games specifically designed to increase balance, body awareness, motor skills, hand eye coordination, listening skills and the ability to follow directions. Basketball fundamentals covered include shooting, passing and dribbling. No Class: 11/25.

Day  Date              Time                 Location       R/NR Fee            Code

Sat    9/8-10/27      10-11am           CCC              $96/106                34295

Mon 9/10-10/29    4-5pm               CCC              $96/106                34296

Sun  11/4-12/16    9-10am             CCC              $72/82                  34297


NEW! We Got Game Basketball Shooter Challenge (8-12 years)

Great NBA players take over 1000 shots a day. Learn how to execute these shots with precision from experienced coaches. Proper footwork, positioning on and off the ball, and more are emphasized as you get what every shooter needs to become great: reps!

Day  Date                Time               Location       R/NR Fee            Code

Fri    8/31-11/2         4-5pm            LRC               $120/130              34683


NEW! Free Lacrosse Clinic with Arlington Attack (grades 1-8)

Join us for this Free clinic! Lacrosse is a fast-paced, high scoring game that keeps all players engaged in action at all times. Every player is involved on the field, and there are multiple positions to include all skill levels. It is a sport that emphasizes skill, discipline commitment, leadership and teamwork.

Day  Date                Time                      Location   R/NR Fee         Code

Sun  9/9                   2-4pm                    LP              $0                     34603


NEW! Floor Hockey League (3-10 years)

Floor Hockey League will be a 7 week season. Games will be played on Thursday’s 4-5pm at the Central Community Center. Players will go through drills and be divided into teams the first week. Games will have a running clock of 10 min. for two periods.

Day    Date            Time      Location    Age        R/NR Fee    Code

Tue    9/4-10/16     5-6pm   CCC           3-6         $75/85         34346

Thu    9/6-10/18     5-6pm   CCC           7-10       $75/85         34273


Friendship Park Conservatory Nature Classes


NEW! Good & Plenty Planter (5-15 years)

Who doesn’t like the pinks and whites of Good & Plenty candies?  This themed planter focuses on shades of pinks along with white to pay tribute to this ever-popular licorice flavored candy.  Join us for some sweet treats and planting fun!

Day     Date   Time                   Location     Age         R/NR Fee   Code

Fri       9/14    5:30-6:30pm       FPC             12-15      $20/25        34981

Sat       9/15    10:30-11:30am   FPC             5-11        $20/25        34982

Fri       9/28    5:30-6:30pm       FPC             12-15      $20/25        34983

Sat       9/29    10:30-11:30am   FPC            5-11         $20/25        34984


NEW! Homeschooling at Friendship Park

Conservatory (6-11 years)

We live in a curious world … are you curious too? Do you like experimenting? Join our program tailored to inquisitive kids who enjoy exploring all the sciences through hands on activities. Enjoy this cooperative setting that encourages socialization, learning and problem solving. Join the fun! Second child discount is $15.

Day     Date              Time                Location     R/NR Fee    Code

Tue      9/11-10/23    1:30-3pm        FPC             $105/105      34700

Tue      10/30-12/11  1:30-3pm        FPC             $105/105      34701


NEW! The Science of Slime! (8-14 years)

Let’s investigate Slime! How it is made and how does it react in different situations? Several simple experiments will show why slime does what it does, all while learning about the scientific process.

Day     Date        Time                     Location     R/NR Fee    Code

Sat       9/22         10:15-11:30am     FPC             $20/25          34708

Thu     9/20         4:15-5:30pm         FPC             $20/25          34978

Thu     10/11       4:15-5:30pm         FPC             $20/25          34979


NEW! Nature Super-Powers (3 1/2-8 years)

What do seeds, spider egg sacs, fluffy squirrel tails and deer antlers have in common? Super powers are not just for superheroes. Nature gives plants and animals secret powers so they can create what they need to survive the coming winter. The “super powers” of nature are all around you! Come explore with us and dress appropriately for the weather.

Day     Date             Time              Location  Age         R/NR Fee   Code

Tue      10/2-10/16   9:30-11am     FPC          3 1/2-6    $35/45        34606

Wed    10/3-10/17   1-2:30pm       FPC          3 1/2-6    $35/45        34607

Tue      10/2-10/16   4:15-5:30pm  FPC          6-8          $35/45        35003


NEW! Spiders, Bats & Snakes, “Oh My!”

(3 1/2-8 years)

Do spiders give you goose bumps? Snakes give you the shivers? Do all bats hang upside down? Are snakes edible? Have fun learning about creepy creatures and their place in nature. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Day     Date             Time              Location  Age         R/NR Fee   Code

Tue      10/23-11/6   9:30-11am     FPC          3 1/2-6    $35/45        34604

Wed    10/24-11/7   1-2:30pm       FPC          3 1/2-6    $35/45        34605

Thu     10/25-11/8   4:15-5:30pm  FPC          6-8          $35/45        35004


NEW! What Animals Leave Behind (3 1/2-8 years)

Wherever they go, animals leave behind footprints, feathers, scat (poop) and more. Let’s explore and learn more about all that animals leave behind and how those things change our earth. Dress appropriately for the weather.

Day     Date              Time              Location Age         R/NR Fee   Code

Tue      11/27-12/11  9:30-11am     FPC         3 1/2-6    $35/45        34611

Wed    11/28-12/12  1-2:30pm       FPC         3 1/2-6    $35/45        34612

Thu      11/29-12/13   4:15-5:30pm    FPC     6-8         $35/45         35005



NEW! Fun with H2O (3-5 years)

Come see everything that water can do! Each week children and their parents will participate in a super cool water focused science experiment on the pool deck. After the excitement feel free to stay and enjoy our tot pool.

Day       Date                    Time                    R/NR Fee          Code

Fri         9/7-10/26            10-10:30am         $40/50               34749

Fri         11/2-12/21          10-10:30am         $40/50               34750



NEW! Hallopalooza (2-4 years w/parent)

With Halloween just days away, let’s celebrate with costume fun for everyone! Are you a princess, superhero or something scary, silly or sweet?  Move through the rooms at RecPlex and enjoy games, crafts and not-so-scary activities in celebration of our Hallopalooza! It’s a monster bash with ghoulishly good fun for the little ones. Adults free.

Day  Date              Time                     Location          Fee               Code

Sat    10/27             10am-12pm          RPX                  $10               34740


NEW! RoboThink―Coding ll (grades 1-5)

This is an organized systematic step by step RoboThink classes of the current one (Level 1 thru Level 4). All levels will be taught in the same class according to students’ level. When class is completed, child will have the option to purchase robotic equipment for $120. Instructor: RoboThink.

Day  Date              Time                     Location          R/NR Fee     Code

Tue   8/28-10/16     5:30-7pm              CCC                 $200/210      34536

Tue   10/23-12/11   5:30-7pm              CCC                 $200/210      34537


NEW! Intro to Fencing (8-12 years)

Fencing is FUN! This class promotes active play and includes games, footwork, bouting and safety instruction. Kids learn about foil, epee and sabre – the three weapons used in fencing. Class is taught by 20 year instructor, Ina Harizanova, whose students have participated in both national and international tournaments.

Instructor: Ina Harizanova. Location: LRC.

Day  Date              Time                     Room               R/NR Fee     Code

Tue   9/11-10/16     4-5pm                   Lower Level     $78/88          34538


NEW! Mad Science―Young Scientists (4-6 years)

Join Mad Science for loads of hands-on science fun. Each week will involve experiments and exploration designed just for younger scientists. Lots of fun and exciting science topics to investigate and things to take home. All materials are included. ANYONE CAN BE A SCIENTIST! Instructor: Mad Science of Northern Illinois.

No class: 11/22.

Day  Date              Time                     Location          R/NR Fee     Code

Tue   9/11-10/23     3:30-5pm              CCC                 $120/130      34384

Thu  9/13-10/25     10:30am-12pm     CCC                 $120/130      34385

Tue   10/30-12/11   3:30-5pm              CCC                 $120/130      34386

Thu  11/1-12/13     10:30am-12pm     CCC                 $103/113      34387


NEW! STEM Drone Racer (grades 4-9)

Goggles down thumbs up! You’ve seen the drone racers ripping around on ESPN. Now it’s your turn to be the next rising star. Pilot your drone as if you were sitting inside the cockpit (FPV-First Person View) Technologies include acceleromers, repair, video and batteries. Hand-on with lots of stick time with a championship race at the end. All equipment provided for classroom use only. Full Drone FPV kit available for purchase from instructor. Instructor: Go Drone X. Location: RPX.

Day    Date          Timer         Room                       R/NR Fee      Code

Fri      9/21-10/5  6:30-9pm   Playtime Express    $189/199       34539


NEW! STEM Robot Builder (grades 4-9)

Bring out the mad scientist in you. Let’s build robotic obstacles for a drone challenge course! You will design, code and fabricate challenges like an oscillating Drone Swatter and stunning light animations for the HyerSpace portal. Finally, let’s see who can navigate a drone through the course without crashing. Drones provided for class room use only. Full Drone FPV kit available for purchase from instructor. Instructor: Go Drone X. Location: RPX.

Day  Date              Time                     Room               R/NR Fee     Code

Fri    10/19-11/2     6:30-9pm              Conference     $189/199      34581


NEW! STEM Drone Coder (grades 4-9)

Build a drone from the ground up, then program it for autonomous flight with visual coding language. Challenges include autonomous drone pizza delivery. Who will win the autonomous forest pod race? Join us and test your drone skills. Let’s light it up! Drones provided for classroom use only. Instructor: Go Drone X.

Location: RPX. No Class: 11/23.

Day  Date              Time                     Room               R/NR Fee     Code

Fri    11/16-12/14     6:30-9pm               Conference                       $189/199      34540


NEW! Glitzy Girlz: Dance Divas “WERQING” it party (4-12 years)

Glitzy girlz has teamed up with amazing instructors of the new craze “WERQ” dance. The class will bring the energy and the fun! Along with “WERQ” choreography the girls will do fun dances like Limbo and Line dancing. Sign up with a group of friends and wear your FAV workout outfit! Instructor: Glitzy Girlz.

Day  Date              Time                     Location          R/NR Fee     Code

Thu  11/8               6-7pm                   CCC                 $25/35          34217




NEW! Are you stronger than your 5th Grader? (8-12 years w/ Parent)

Get fit as a family and challenge each other along the way! Dads and daughters, mothers and sons or parents versus the kids – whatever combination inspires you to get moving together! Fitness challenges with agility combinations make this an awesome workout for all. Focus weekly on your level of improvement and see if mom and dad can keep up! Each participant must register individually. Instructor: Vince Esposito.

Day    Date                Time    Location  Room             R/NR Fee    Code

Tue    9/4-10/23        6-7pm  RPX          Studio 201      $72/82         34937

Tue    10/30-12/11    6-7pm  RPX          Studio 201      $63/73         34938


NEW! Superhero Fit Club (8-12 years)

Are you looking to gain strength to get that competitive edge for your athletic team? This workout is great way to enhance your agility through fun drills, plyometrics, body weight exercises and teamwork skills. So whether you like baseball, soccer or any team sport, this workout is for you. Instructor: Vince Esposito. No class: 11/22.

Day    Date                Timer   Location  Room             R/NR Fee    Code

Thu    9/6-10/18        6-7pm  CCC         Gym                $63/73         34935

Thu    10/25-12/13    6-7pm  CCC         Gym                $63/73         34936