No Pool, No Problem! Try our Sharks Conditioning Classes

Sharks, get out of the pool and onto dry land to start preparing for the fall season. This conditioning class covers cardio, core, stretching & agility. Improve your swimmer’s strength, power, and endurance. Activities include running, hill workouts, core work and more. Join our Sharks Swim Team coaches and break a sweat!

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The Mt. Prospect Park District has two competitive swim teams.

The Sharks

This unique experience provides swimmers ages 6 – 18 with personal instruction and training in stroke mechanics, starts, and turns. Mt. Prospect Park District belongs to the Northern Illinois Swim Conference where boys and girls compete within their own age group at swim meets held through the season.

Shark Fins

Our novice swim team is designed for beginner swimmers ages 6-14. Practice time is spent building on the swimming skills mastered in swim lessons, while focusing on technique and building endurance. Introducing young swimmers to the finer points of all 4 competitive strokes, while sharing the love of the sport, is the goal of our Shark Fins’ Coaches. Boys and girls will complete within their own age group during the 3 scheduled swim meets which take place on Saturday or Sunday. The season will wrap up, with an exciting Championship swim meet.