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The Mt. Prospect Park District parks provide beautiful surroundings in which residents of all ages enjoy recreational activities. Recently, our completed Community Attitude & Interest Survey indicated that 100% of our patrons have enjoyed a neighborhood park in the past year with 92% rating our parks as clean, safe and accessible. As warmer and longer days approach, Mt. Prospect Park District is asking for your help in keeping our parks free from damage, defacement and petty acts of vandalism. Unfortunately, this past winter has brought several examples of such actions. Acts of vandalism are in direct violation of park district ordinance number 525.

How can you help? Assist the district by acting as the eyes and ears of YOUR neighborhood park. Be vocal if you suspect an individual or group of damaging park property. These inconsiderate and often illegal acts by a few taint the park settings that we all enjoy. The cost to the district in replacement parts
and labor is high.

The Mount Prospect Police Department encourages all residents to call or text 911 immediately with reports of park vandalism. The police have the training and skill to answer such calls. Your resident role is to report any behavior or activity that seems suspicious. You can always request anonymity when calling or texting 911.

Mt. Prospect Park District places great value on the quantity, unique qualities and superb offerings of each of our district parks. Their natural beauty should never be spoiled by any intentionally destructive act.

Be a FRIEND of our Parks and SPEAK OUT on their behalf ensuring they provide wonderful experiences for all residents for many years to come. For more information, log onto mppd.org.