Specialty Camps are included in the Summer Program Guide. Here’s a preview of camps available for registration starting Monday, April 25.


Chicago Union Ultimate Camp (8-13 yr)

Chicago Union runs this week-long camp designed to introduce kids to Ultimate Frisbee while providing a legendary experience!

M-F        6/13-6/17            1-4pm                   $120/130             

M-F        7/11-7/15            1-4pm                   $120/130              

M-F        8/8-8/12               1-4pm                  $120/130             


Green White MPPD Soccer Camp (Gr K-8th)

The Camp is designed to focus on skill development for young soccer players.

M-Th     6/20-6/23            9-11am     $150/160              

M-Th     7/11-7/14            9-11am     $180/190              

M-Th     7/25-7/28            9-11am    $180/190              



Dance Discovery Theater Camp

Dancers learn choreography and explore movement related to these wonderful stories and characters.

M-F        6/13-6/17      10am-12pm     $125/135

M-F        6/13-6/17      1-3pm     $125/135

M-F        7/25-7/29     10am-12pm     $125/135  

M-F        7/25-7/29    1-3pm     $125/135

M-W      8/1-8/3       10-11:30am        $125/135

M-W      8/1-8/3       12:30-2pm      $125/135    


Choreography Workshop

Dancers learn a variety of ways to experiment with movement and employ choreographic tools and techniques to curate and construct a piece of choreography.

Tue        6/14-7/26            1:30-2:30pm      $81/91

Tue        6/14-7/26            2:30-3:30pm    $81/91  

History of Hip Hop

Dancers will learn about the history of hip hop starting from the early 80s to your favorite Tik Tok dances that are trending today.

M/Tu     6/27-6/28            10-11:30am     $35/40

M/Tu     6/27-6/28            12-1:30pm      $35/40   

M/Tu     6/27-6/28            1:30-3pm        $35/40    

Improvisation and Partnering Workshop

Dancers will develop an increased awareness of improvisation, movement, space and ways dancers can partner and relate to one another in the classroom and in performance.

W-F        7/6-7/8 10:30am-12pm      $50/55

W-F        7/6-7/8 12-1:30pm           $50/55    

Mock Audition Workshop

This two day workshop will help dancers gain confidence and prepare for their next audition.

M/W     7/18-7/20            10-11:30am        $35/40

M/W     7/18-7/20            11:30am-1pm     $35/40


Outdoor Adventure Camp

Every fun-filled day brings us closer to nature with hands-on activities, outdoor fun, science and crafts during these popular 1/2 day camps.

M/W/F 6/6-6/24               9:30am-12pm        $230/240

M-F        6/27-7/1               9:30am-12pm      $125/135

M-F        7/11-7/22            9:30am-12pm        $200/210

M-F        7/25-7/29            9:30am-12pm       $125/135

M-F        8/1-8/5                 9:30am-12pm      $125/135

M/W/F 8/8-8/12               9:30am-12pm        $90/100

STEM Camps

Adventures in STEM with LEGO Materials (Ages 5-6)

Build engineer-designed projects such as: Space Stations, Fire Trucks, and the Eiffel Tower.

M-F        6/20-6/24            9am-12pm    $186/196     

Enchanted Engineering using LEGO Materials (Ages 5-6)

Use LEGO® materials to build and interact with our favorite fairy tales!

M-F        7/18-7/22            9am-12pm      $186/196   

Return of Jedi Master Engineering using LEGO Materials (Ages 7-12)

Master The Way of the Jedi in this Star Wars inspired LEGO® Engineering experience.

M-F        6/13-6/17            1-4pm            $186/196

Jedi Engineering Strikes Back using LEGO Materials (Ages 5-6)

Take a LEGO adventure and defend the Wookies on Kashyyyk, repair the Rebel shield generator on Hoth, and rescue Baby Yoda.

M-F    6/13-6/17    9am-12pm   $186/196

STEM Explorations with LEGO Materials (Ages 7-12)

Apply real-world concepts in physics, engineering, and architecture through LEGO engineer-designed projects.

M-F   6/20-6/24 1-4pm   $186/196 

Transportation Engineeringusing LEGO Materials (Ages 5-6)

Build and create different modes of transportation out of more than 20,000 pieces of LEGO®, all while learning about the engineering concepts that make vehicles and vessels work.

M-F   8/1-8/5   9am-12pm   $186/196

Transportation Master Engineering using LEGO Materials (Ages 7-12)

Learn about STEM concepts as we explore the various ways that we transport goods and people from place to place.

M-F   8/1-8/5  1-4pm   $186/196

MARVELous Engineering using LEGO Materials (Ages 7-12)

Use LEGO® to build our strongest Avengers to defeat Thanos, help Thor retrieve Mjolnir, swing through the city with Spider-man, and tell Hulk to….Smash! 

M-F    7/18-7/22    1-4pm  $186/196

Minecraft Madness (Ages 7-12)

Learn the fundamentals of computer networking through this unique Minecraft experience that also allows you and your friends to work in multiplayer mode as you mine, craft and build together to survive.

M-Th    6/13-6/16    10-11:30am    $112/122 

Game Exploration Week (Ages 8-12)

Explore video game-based learning with game-making tools. Using visual programming language(s), we’ll learn about creativity, problem solving and strategies to make your own games. 

M-Th    7/18-7/21    3-4:30pm     $112/122 


In each session, kids are given a new game to design or a new aspect to the games they’ve already made, or build their own from scratch.

M-F   6/20-6/24   9:30am-12pm  Battle Robots  $180/190 

M-F   6/20-6/24 1:30-4pm Intro to Coding  $180/190

M-F   6/27-7/1 9:30am-12pm Engineer Tanks $180/190 43846

M-F 6/27-7/1 1:30-4pm  Intro to Game Design $180/190

Tu-F 7/5-7/8 9:30am-12pm Amusement Park Tycoon $135/145

Tu-F 7/5-7/8 1:30-4pm Intro To Game Design $135/145

M-F 7/11-7/15 9:30am-12pm Self Driving Cars  $180/190

M-F 7/11-7/15 1:30-4pm Intro to Coding $180/190

M-F 7/18-7/22 1:30-4pm  Safari Zone $180/190

M-F 7/18-7/22 9:30am-12pm Expedition Mars $180/190

M-F 7/25-7/29 1:30-4pm  Battle Robots  $180/190

M-F 7/25-7/29 9:30am-12pm  Battle Robots $180/190


Art Start Camp (Ages 8-14)

Our popular “all inclusive” art camp combines both art and crafts.

M-Th                     6/20-6/23            1:30-3:45pm      $155/165

M-Th                     8/1-8/4                 9:30-11:45am    $155/165

Cartooning and More! (7-14 years)

Cartooning utilizes unique skills and students can make great progress with a few good lessons and tips.

W-F                        7/6-7/8                 2-4pm  $85/95

Drawing ‘FUN’ damentals Camp (7-12 years)

Improve drawing skills through practice and understanding of the step-by-step approach. Specific tips take drawings to the next level.

M-W      6/13-6/15            1-3pm  $80/90

Great Create Art Camp (5-12 years)

Create masterpieces throughout the week painting, drawing, and crafting using various mediums. Plan to attend all days.

M-F        7/18-7/22            9:30am-2:30pm   $275/285   Theme: Magic and The Wizarding World!             

W-F        7/27-7/29            9:30am-2:30pm $175/185   Theme: Year of the Tiger!   

M-F        8/8-8/12               9:30am-2:30pm   $275/285  Theme: Enchanted Forest!         

Mini Great Create Art Camp (5-12 years)

A shorter version of Great Create Art Camp. 

M/Tu     6/27-6/28            9:30am-12:30pm             $75/85

Junior Pinterest Camp (9-16 years)

Students will come away with new skills and the ability to create unique, quality projects they will treasure.

W-F        7/13-7/15            1:30-4pm       $75/85