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The Leadership Team and the Staff of the Mt. Prospect Park District are extremely proud to share the incredible efforts put forth over this past year to keep the District’s strategic plan active and relevant in the midst of a global pandemic. If “necessity is the mother of invention” then COVID-19 presented many challenges that became the driving force for innovation. All of the plan’s 16 goals were active in 2020/21. Last year alone the theme of Internal Efficiency, Innovation & Technology added 21 bullet points under the goals of Maximize Internal & External Communications, Standardize District-wide Processes, Leverage Technology and Inspire a Culture of Innovation.

In June of 2020, several months after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Park Board of Commissioners was updated virtually by staff on the goals and objectives contained within the 2018 Mapping Our Future Strategic Plan. This plan, which contains 4 themes, 16 goals and 53 objectives, experienced steady progress due to the work of our dedicated employee run committees. These committees include: Customer Service, Employee, Safety and IT.  Each Committee Chair(s) provides updates on the plan’s progress twice a year in late spring and year’s end. These updates are then compiled and presented to the Park Board of Commissioners each June. This process will continue until the plan’s completion in 2023.

In total, 49 objectives are now complete or ongoing. Only 4 of these objectives remain untouched, with the District Leadership team suggesting the removal of 2 objectives (Accreditation and Internal Management University). These objectives will be considered for possible inclusion as part of the District’s next strategic plan.

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our approach to business across many platforms impacting all areas of operations.  The plan update reflects some of the details of those changes and provides information and insight into the most notable areas of growth and accomplishment over the last year.

Click here to view the Mapping Our Future Strategic Plan update.