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The secret to a Happy Life May Be a Walk in the Park

Mt. Prospect Park District is truly a slice of heaven for anyone who enjoys the great outdoors. With 31 neighborhood parks, the District provides green space that is well-equipped and serviced for all to enjoy.

The changing of the seasons only adds to nature’s beauty and bounty. One only needs to look outdoors in the cold of winter and watch residents skate, sled, walk and run in their pursuit of seasonal recreation.

Last year, in partnership with the National Recreation and Parks Association and Urban Land Institute, an initiative was launched to bring “high quality parks within a half-mile distance” to cities across this country. We are close in the Mt. Prospect Park District as we recognize that parks have the potential to do so much to improve our nation’s physical and mental health.

Community green space has been credited with a reduction in crime, a counter to stress and social isolation, improved concentration for children, enhanced relaxation and improved health. A ten minute walk in the park can reinforce physical fitness, reduce the risk of chronic disease and improve brain function like learning and memory.

There are untold social and community benefits linked to parks. How many friends and families have met and bonded over a park walk with their dog, children playing side by side on the playground or families chatting over a shared picnic lunch on a weekend afternoon? People meet at the pool, ballfield, dog park and bandshell as well as their local park.

Park exploration and playtime costs nothing while bringing your family to nature’s doorstep.


Our seasonal program guides this year will feature park photos and suggestions for outdoor fun and fitness for all.

Step out in Spring and enjoy all that our parks have to offer!