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Here Is Where To Find Our Friends:

  1. Busse Park – 111 N. Owen Street, Mount Prospect  While located on Owen Street, the park is named after the former Busse School which first occupied this land
  2. Robert T. Jackson Clearwater Park – 1717 W. Lonnquist Blvd., Mount Prospect  Clearwater Park was once part of the Busse farm which was subdivided in the 1930’s
  3. Countryside Park – 913 S. Emerson Street, Mount Prospect  This large 2.7 acre park has a quarter mile walking path and playground.
  4. Dara James Playground – 290 W. Kathleen Drive, Des Plaines This playground was renovated in 2015 with a brand new playground offering safe fun for all.
  5. Einstein Park – 345 Walnut Avenue, Des Plaines Once the home of Einstein School, this redesigned park contains outdoor adult workout equipment. It just might be the SMARTEST park in our District!
  6. Emerson Park – 317 N. Emerson Street, Mount Prospect  Deeded from the village in 1955, Emerson is one of the Magnificent Seven original parks of the District. Many called it the “Rolly” Park for years as children loved the tubular rolling pin slide!
  7. Rosemary S. Argus Friendship Park – 350 Elizabeth Lane, Des Plaines Friendship Park was once part of the Kolpin Farm of which 30 acres was purchased by the park district in 1969. The land is home to Friendship Park Conservatory opened in 1988.
  8. Hill Street Park – 525 E Hill Street, Mount Prospect Opened in May 2006, this 2.2 acre park has an abundance of natural beauty and a four season walking path. Great place for fun and a family picnic!
  9. Meadows Park – 1401 W. Gregory Street, Mount Prospect  The Meadows motto might be “Let’s Play Ball!” with a summer season offering fun for all.
  10. Owen Park – 100 S. Owen, Mount Prospect This neighborhood gem is also an original seven surrounded by large maple trees, cozy homes and Saint Paul Lutheran Church.
  11. Prospect Meadows Park – 1101 N. Forest Ave., Mount Prospect This Forest Avenue find is the most northern location of any District Park.
  12. Sunrise Park – 600 E. Sunset Road, Mount Prospect Sunrise Park is located on Sunset Road and has nearly a quarter mile of walking path.
  13. Sunset Park – South Can-Dota & W. Lonnquist Blvd, Mount Prospect  One of the original seven District parks, this land is the former location of District 57’s Sunset School.
  14. We-Go Park – 132 S. We-Go Tr, Mount Prospect Often called the “Secret Park” due to its location nestled in between the houses and off the beaten path. It is also one of the seven original District parks.