Big Surf Wave Pool


Big Surf
411 S Maple St.
Mount Prospect, IL 60056
United States
42° 3' 28.2744" N, 87° 55' 57.0504" W
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Picture yourself ocean side complete with breaking surf and rolling waves. Now picture yourself right here in Mount Prospect at Big Surf Wave Pool offering all the ambiance of the beach – without the sand.

Big Surf with its gleaming deck chairs and bright blue umbrellas is a perfect destination for a summer outing. Swimmers can ride the 3-foot cresting waves, or if calm waters are more your style wait just ten minutes when the huge turbine blowers take a break and the zero-depth pool settles into a relaxing cool, blue harbor.

Hungry swimmers can grab some grub at our Snack Shack serving hot dogs, pizza by-the-slice, ice cream and other confections.
Come be our guest, ride the waves and bask in the sun.

Big Surf Wave Pool, Where the Waves Await!



Big Surf To Open First for 2014

Pre-Season Hours (5/31 - 6/1)
Sat/Sun/Holidays  11am - 7:30pm

Regular Season Hours (6/2 - 8/10)
(Closed for season 8/11)
Monday - Friday  12pm - 7:30pm
Sat/Sun/Holidays  11am - 7:30pm

Big Surf Adult Wave Time
At 1:30, 3:30 and 5:30pm every day of the swim season, a 10-minute wave action sequence will be reserved for adults only to enjoy.

Pool Hour Exceptions
Pool hours and schedule subject to change due to holiday hours and special events.

Inclement Weather
When the temperature falls below 65° or when storms threaten safety, the outdoor pools will close. For the most current information, call 847.253.SURF or 847.632.9327 after 11:00am. Pools closed early in the day will stay closed until 3:30pm. At that time, a decision will be made whether to stay closed for the remainder of the day.

Low Pool Attendance
When attendance at the outdoor pools falls below 20, the pools will close.

Top Lifeguards Receive Top Training
We're proud of our pros!
In addition to our general Red Cross Lifeguard Certification requirement, members of our Big Surf, Meadows and RecPlex Pools Staff receive even more rigorous water training and testing conducted by Metro Risk Management Agency. MRMA conducts an intensive program at our sites with follow-up surprise audits to check on staff performances throughout the season. And they've given our staff a thumbs-up all the way!



Facility Amenities: 
Locker Rooms
Outdoor Pool
Birthday Parties
Diving Board