The Mt. Prospect Park District is proud to present the Board approved Comprehensive Master Plan 2022. Executed by PROS Consulting and their team consisting of Confluence and ETC, the plan is the culmination of countless hours of dedicated effort by all involved. With a theme “To Elevate Mt. Prospect Park District to Exceed Public Expectations”, the Master Plan provides a roadmap for District operations for years to come.  

The Master Plan process began with an internal examination of three important questions;  Where are we today? Where are we going tomorrow? How do we get there? In order to provide a solid foundation that will effectively and accurately answer these questions, many areas were reviewed. In looking at where we are today, the team considered an existing inventory review, benchmark and financial analysis, level of service standards, GIS mapping and an assessment of programs and services.

Community engagement included public meetings and focus groups – both a statistically valid and online survey along with a demographic and recreation trends analysis to help determine where we are going tomorrow. Finally, in order to determine how we will get there, the project teams created a needs prioritization list, capital development plan, funding and revenue strategy and recommendations for plan implementation. 

The plan incorporates clear goals for completion. These goals include a stated process, an examination of the current mission/vision statements, review of core values and theme, recommendations and priorities and finally goals and strategies required to successfully complete the plan. The plan looks closely at five main areas: land/facilities, recreation programs, operations and maintenance, financing and capital improvements. 

PROS Consulting, with staff input and support, focused on the following five key strategies:

  • Engage the Mount Prospect Park District community, leadership and stakeholders through innovative public input meant to build a shared vision for the District to ensure there is an appropriate balance of programs, facilities and services.
  • Utilize a wide variety of sources and best practices, including a statistically valid survey to predict trends and patterns of use as well as address unmet needs in the District.
  • Determine unique level of service standards to develop appropriate actions regarding parks, recreation, facilities and trails that reflect the District’s strong commitment to providing high quality recreational activities for the community.
  • Shape financial and operational preparedness through innovative and “next” practices to achieve the strategic objectives and recommended actions.
  • Develop a dynamic and realistic action plan that creates a roadmap to ensure long-term success and financial sustainability for the District’s parks, recreation programs and trails.

The Comprehensive Master Plan 2022 was approved by the Park Board of Commissioners at the November 2022 board meeting. 

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