Executive Director Jim Jarog
Director of Golf Operations Brett Barcel
Director of Administration George Giese
Director of Recreation Nick Troy
Director of Community Relations & Marketing Ruth Yueill
Director of Parks & Planning Matt Dziubinski
Human Resource Manager Mary Kiaupa
Community Relations & Marketing Manager Cheryl Lufitz
IT Services/Registration Manager
Joe Hoffman
Executive Compliance Officer Teri Wirkus
Graphic Communications Coordinator Kylie Rack
Golf & Recreation
Cultural Arts & Conservatory Manager Ann Zimmerman
Aquatics, Athletics & Fitness Manager Mike Azzaretto
Facilities Manager Nancy Prosser
Golf Operations & Pro Shop Manager Debra Cromie
PGA Head Professional Jeff Langguth
Friendship Park Conservatory Coordinator Rebekah Grant
Central Community Center Manager Brian Hecker
Cultural Arts Coordinator Toria Smith
Athletics Manager Brad Wessel
Athletics Coordinator Tim Sullivan
Early Childhood & Youth Manager Kristina Winans
Early Childhood & Youth Coordinator Kandice Newton
Aquatics Coordinator & Head Swim Team Coach Linda Zalewski

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Facility Phone Numbers:

RecPlex 847-640-1000
Central Community Center/Administration 847-255-5380
Friendship Park Conservatory 847-298-3500
Mt. Prospect Golf Club 847-259-4200