Executive Director Jim Jarog
Director of Golf Operations Brett Barcel
Director of Administration George Giese
Director of Recreation Nick Troy
Director of Community Relations & Marketing Ruth Yueill
Superintendent of Parks & Planning Matt Dziubinski
Human Resource Manager Mary Kiaupa
Community Relations & Marketing Manager Cheryl Lufitz
IT Services/Registration Manager
Joe Hoffman
Executive Compliance Officer Teri Wirkus
Graphic Communications Coordinator Kylie Rack
Golf & Recreation
Cultural Arts & Conservatory Manager Ann Zimmerman
Aquatics, Athletics & Fitness Manager Mike Azzaretto
Facilities Manager Nancy Prosser
Golf Operations & Pro Shop Manager Debra Cromie
PGA Head Professional Jeff Langguth
Central Community Center Coordinator Brian Hecker
Athletics Coordinator Brad Wessel
Early Childhood & Youth Coordinator Kristina Winans
Aquatics Coordinator & Head Swim Team Coach Linda Zalewski

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Facility Phone Numbers:

RecPlex 847-640-1000
Central Community Center/Administration 847-255-5380
Friendship Park Conservatory 847-298-3500
Mt. Prospect Golf Club 847-259-4200