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The dance program at the Mt. Prospect Park District offers students an exceptional and progressive dance curriculum. We offer Classical Ballet training through our own Mt. Prospect School of Classical Ballet, and other disciplines, jazz, contemporary, modern, tap, hip hop, and more through our own Studio Impulse. Within these groups, we are provide to provide the opportunity for our dancers to perform in one or more of our three performance troupes: Ballet Expressions, Impulse Dance Ensemble and Riff Raff Dance Crew. We strive to provide the best environment for students to develop a love of dance and accomplish his or her individual goals. Classes are offered at Lions Recreation Center and RecPlex.

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Parent, Preschool, & Kindergarten Classes

Parent and Tot Dance (Ages 2.5-4.5 w/ Adult)

Dance with your child while having fun learning creative movement and playing dance games. Parents and tots wear comfortable clothing and ballet slippers or socks with rubber grips on the bottom. Register under the child’s name.

New! Leaps and Bounds (Born by Dec. 31, 2020)

For the young three year olds who love to move and are ready for an independent creative movement dance class. Dancers will use imagination and free dance to explore movement and begin to develop large moto coordination in this non-recital class. Dancer should wear leotard, tights and ballet slippers to class.

Princess Ballerina (Born by Sept. 1, 2020)

A springboard to Pre-Ballet. Children learn to express themselves through movement and dance using stories of familiar princesses. Begin to understand basic concepts such as tempo, levels and space. The session culminates with an in-studio performance during the final class.

Mini Medley (Preschool)

Boys and girls! Move to the groove and dance to the beat; bop with the rhythm and tap your
feet! Class explores a combination of ballet, tap, and jazz against the backdrop of popular music.
Dance attire, tap shoes and black ballet or jazz shoes are required.

Pre-Ballet (Born by Sept. 1, 2019-Kindergarten)

Nurtures the child’s love of dance and emphasizes creativity, musicality and having fun. Children learn classical ballet positions, ballet steps, & laying the groundwork for formal ballet training.

Kindergarten Combo

Children explore creative movement and use their imagination, while improving rhythm and coordination. Jazz, tap, ballet, and hip hop give students a well-rounded base and a chance to explore dance forms. Dance attire, tap shoes and black ballet or jazz shoes required. Perfect for boys or girls.

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Mt. Prospect School of Classical Ballet

Introduction to Ballet (Grades 1 & 2)

The perfect starting point for young dancers. Students work at an accelerated, but comfortable pace, with a focus on developing ballet technique and learning how to perform a variety of ballet movements and steps in a fun and encouraging environment.

Ballet Essentials for Beginners (Grades 3-5)

The perfect starting point. Dancers learn the five basic positions, basic ballet steps, how to turn, jump and leap, preparing them for further ballet training. Dress in a leotard, tights and ballet slippers with hair pulled up and off the neck.

Junior Ballet (Grades 3-5 by placement)

Provides a strong foundation in classical ballet technique in a fun and encouraging environment. Develop flexibility, strength, control and learn a sense of line essential to the training of all dancers, as well as athletes and students of other performing arts.

Accelerated Intermediate Ballet (Grades 6+)

Created for dancers in middle school or high school who have training in other dance disciplines. New or returning students to ballet who want to audition for Orchesis, musical theatre productions, or other dance opportunities where technical dance training is important

Intermediate Ballet

Learn more complex steps and combinations, while continuing to develop and refine technique in preparation for pointe work in the upper Intermediate levels. Dancers are coached on developing a sense of musicality and artistry.

Advanced Ballet

Dancers work to improve flexibility, strength and stamina at the barre and center, & are challenged with virtuoso steps, variations and longer combinations. Dancers may also train en pointe based on individual student readiness.

Master Ballet Class Series

Designed for committed and experienced Intermediate and Advanced level dancers, these weekly technique classes offer the opportunity to reach your potential by training in a fast-paced, uniquely enriching class. Pre-requisite: concurrent enrollment in Intermediate 2 Ballet or above. Dancers new to the dance program are welcome to enroll and should call Amy at 847-640-1000 ext. 207 for placement.

Ballet Expressions (By invitation only)

Provides the committed ballet dancer with additional exposure to choreography and opportunities for performance through an exciting and diverse ballet repertory. For more information about Ballet Expressions or to book a performance, call Amy at 847-640-1000 ext. 207.

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Studio Impulse


Beginning Jazz (Grades 1 & 2)

Teaches students the fundamentals of jazz technique through up-tempo center and barre warm ups, traveling progressions and center combinations in a fun and supportive environment.

Jazz Plus! (Grades 1-4)

Studio Impulse’s curriculum is rooted in jazz dance technique. The Jazz Plus class format offers
young dancers a unique opportunity to develop the poise, confidence and jazz technique needed
for future dance training while also exploring the funky and fun stylized movement of hip hop.

Tap & Jazz Combo (Grades 3-5)

This combination class offers tap and jazz instruction in a fun atmosphere. In tap, students work with timing and rhythms, while jazz focuses on technique and traveling progressions.

Rhythm Project (Grades 5+)

The perfect opportunity to start your tap training! Fun, versatile, and beneficial to round out your dance education. Using upbeat, new hit music, you begin learning the rhythmic art of tap with students your age!

Tap Dance

Tap classes give students a sense of rhythm, musicality and timing. Placement into these sections requires instructor permission or placement. Black Jazz-Tap shoes are required.

Junior Jazz (Grades 3-5 by placement)

Teaches young dancers the fundamentals of jazz technique through traveling progressions and center combinations. Provides students with a strong foundation for continued jazz dance training in a fun and supportive environment.

Beginning and Continuing Teen Jazz (Grades 6+)

Teen-focused class for beginning and continuing jazz dance students. Dancers learn the fundamentals of jazz dance technique, while also exploring their range as performers in a fun and supportive atmosphere. Great for students interested in preparing for middle school or high school dance groups, poms, musical theater and show choir.

Intermediate Jazz

Learn challenging combinations incorporating technical elements along with directional and
weight changes, more complex rhythms, and dynamics. Develop strong technical ability and
performance quality.

Broadway Bound (Grades 5-12)

Explore musical theater dance to sounds of Broadway favorites such as Hamilton, Newsies, Aladdin and more. Gain confidence for your next audition. Dancers will learn choreography and receive coaching on rhythm, style, technique and dynamic.

Advanced Jazz

Features a fast-paced warm up, energetic progressions and combinations designed to challenge and push experienced dancers’ comfort zones. Complex weight, level and dynamic changes make classes both fun and challenging. Dancers coached on energy, expression and musicality to enhance performance quality and prepare them for performances, auditions and more.


Contemporary Dance

Features a unique synergy of contemporary ballet, jazz, and modern dance technique and teaches skills through the use of creative expression, individuality, and musicality. Pre-requisite: Dancers must have a minimum of 2 years in ballet and/or jazz technique classes and a concurrent enrollment in Intermediate 1 ballet/jazz or above. New contemporary students should register for Level 1. Instructor permission and previous training is required for Levels 2 and up.

Hip Hop

Hip Hop (Grades 5+)

Learn the basics of hip hop through warm-ups, combinations, steps, and short routines. Beginning level classes are based on grade.

Beginning Teen Hip Hop

Teens will be introduced to the basic principles of Hip Hop dance and will learn fun and energetic moves and routines influenced by today’s popular music videos.

Hip Hop for Guys (Grades 1-4)

Fun and fast-paced class for guys only! In addition to training in this popular style, guys also gain coordination and agility both as dancers and for athletics and other activities.

Riff Raff Dance Crew (By invitation only)

Riff Raff Dance Crew is a multi-level hip hop performance group offering invited dancers the opportunity to build on their skills and performance personality by focusing on unique choreography and local performance opportunities.

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Adult Classes

The Mt. Prospect School of Classical Ballet and Studio Impulse offers a full portfolio of adult dance classes spanning styles and levels. Join our supportive and encouraging instructors to get a great workout and deepen your love of dance! Mix up your fitness routine, discover dance for the first time or build your skills. There’s a dance class for you!

Beginning and Continuing Adult Ballet (Ages 18+)

Through traditional ballet class structure of barre work, center exercise and traveling across the floor, adult ballet classes help you dance your way to stronger, longer muscles, improve posture, flexibility, agility, balance and core strength in a supportive and upbeat environment.

Meet Me at the Barre (Ages 18+)

The BALLET barre, of course! This low-impact ballet-based workout focuses on improving flexibility, stability, balance, posture and core strength, while developing a sense of camaraderie with other like-minded active adults. Participants should come to class in active wear that allows him or her to move freely and are encouraged to wear ballet slippers or socks with grips.

Adult Hip Hop (Ages 18+)

Mix up your cardio routine! Dancers learn basic but challenging hip hop moves and up-tempo choreography that give dancers an increased sense of rhythm, precision and dynamic. Dress in clothing that allows for free movement and wear clean athletic shoes to class.

Adult Jazz & Contemporary (Ages 18+)

Discover your rhythm and learn the fundamentals of jazz dance and contemporary dance while enjoying a fun and unique workout set to popular music and Broadway favorites. Experienced and supportive instructors help you develop technique and style while building strength and flexibility. Wear comfortable clothing which allows the body to move, jazz shoes or ballet slippers.

Adult Tap (Ages 18+)

If the amazing upbeat tap numbers of Broadway inspire you, give this a try! Adult tap dancers explore the connection of movement and music, while learning basic tap steps and terminology. Develop confidence and learn Broadway-style choreography for a unique and fun dance experience. Students should wear tap shoes and comfortable clothing that allows the body to move.

Belly Dance Choreography (Ages 18+)

Strengthen and stretch your body while releasing your inner goddess! Beginner level belly dance choreography class is structured to meet the needs of all levels of dancers. Each class includes a fluid warm-up, technique of the day drills, and choreographed combinations that will be combined into a full dance by the end of the session, as well as a full-body stretch! Join for fitness, fun, and/or camaraderie!

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2024 Dance Season Premiere Party

Saturday, August 17 | 1:00-4:00 PM | Lions Recreation Center Dance Studios and Bandshell

We’re rolling out the red carpet to welcome new and returning dancers to the studio for the 2024-25 dance season!

FREE Dance Classes for Kids and Adults

Performances by Ballet Expressions, Impulse Dance Ensemble and Riff Raff Dance Crew.

Check back for full Premiere Party schedule of events (posted August 2024).

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Impulse Dance Ensemble Audition

Saturday, August 24 | Lions Recreation Center

Try out to be a part of our jazz & contemporary performance ensemble and perform throughout the community! Intermediate and Advanced dancers are welcome to audition for Impulse, even if you are new to Studio Impulse! For a copy of the audition notice with full details, contact Amy at

2:30-3:30 PM: Completed Junior 3 or Intermediate 1/2 Jazz
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4:30-6:00 PM: Completed Intermediate 3/4 Jazz or Above
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Need assistance with dance class placement?

Contact Amy Hubert at 847-640-1000 ext 207