Spring/Summer League 2022

Fees include a full uniform of jersey, pants socks and hat/visor. Age of participant is determined by what grade the child is currently in school. Practices begin in early to mid April. Games start at the end of April and run through the end of June.

Tee Ball & Baseball

League Fee
Wee Tee

Boys & Girls Age 5 as of August 31, 2022

Tee Ball

Boys & Girls Kindergarten

Rookie (Boys & Girls Grade 1) $160/170
Bronco B (Grade 2) $190/200
Bronco A (Grade 3) $190/200
Bronco A (Grade 4) $190/200
Bronco Majors (Grades 5-6) $190/200
Pony (Grades 7-8) $190/200
Stallions (Physically Challenged Ages 8-21) $80/90



League Fee
Grade 1 $190/200
Grade 2 $190/200
Grade 3 $190/200
Grade 4 $190/200
Grade 5 $190/200
Grade 6 $190/200
Grade 7 $190/200
Grade 8 $190/200
Senior (Grades 9+) $190/200


Division Information

Wee-Tee League (Boys & Girls 5 yr as of 8/31/21)

This Instructional Tee-ball league is for 5 year olds only. League play will be on Saturdays for 1 hour and 15 minutes each week. The first 30 minutes will be practice and developmental skills and the last 45 minutes will be actual game situation.

Tee-Ball (Boys & Girls Kindergarten)

This league fosters fun while learning the rules of the game. No score kept.

Rookie (Boys and Girls Grade 1)

This league is Coach Pitch, no score kept.


Players are selected to teams based on a player draft. Players age 8 will play Bronco B, players age 9 and 10 will play Bronco A and players age 11 and 12 will play Bronco Major.

Pony (Grades 7-8)

All players are drafted on teams in an effort to create a balance of ability and age. This league prepares the player for high school baseball.

Girls Softball

Division will be determined by number of participants registered and grade levels may be combined if needed.

Stallions (Physically Challenged 8-21 yr)