Mt. Prospect – River Trails – Prospect Heights

Through our historic “three-for-one” agreement, all programs and most facilities offered by the three park districts listed will be available to anyone living within the three park district boundaries. A resident of any one of the three districts will also be considered a resident of the other two park districts and will be able to enroll in classes or programs at resident rates.

Although the agreement clears the way for an increase in the number of potential users, each park district will continue to maintain its individual identity and utilize monies available to it at present tax rates. And although residents will continue to receive preferential treatment at registration time within their “home district”, they will also have the added benefit of enrolling in a “partner district’s” class or program at resident rates.

River Trails Park District
1500 E. Euclid Ave.
Mount Prospect, IL


Prospect Heights Park District
110 W. Camp McDonald Road
Prospect Heights, IL