Mt. Prospect Park District

Led by Executive Director Jim Jarog and Park Planner Ben Kutscheid, the Master Plan is supported by all members of the District Leadership team including the Directors of Administration, Community Relations & Marketing, Golf, Parks & Planning and Recreation. The Executive Compliance Officer and Human Resources Manager also contribute to the Master Plan 2022 project. 

The completion of a District Master Plan was a stated objective under the goal of “Defining Long Term Capital Vision” under the theme of Financial Stewardship as part of the 2018 Mapping Our Future Strategic Plan. The Park Board of Commissioners has supported the project since its inception. 

PROS Consulting

Since the firm was established in 1995, PROS has completed more than 1100 projects in over 47 states and numerous projects internationally in seven countries.

Management consulting and planning services offered by PROS span the full spectrum of planning needs for public agencies, and are grouped into the following practice areas:

  • Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Assessments
  • Web Design and Development
  • Customer Service Training

The project will be led by Leon Younger and Brian Trusty from the PROS Team.



Since our founding in 1998, Confluence has emerged as one of the most comprehensive and growth-oriented landscape architecture, planning and urban design firms in the country.

Our clients continue to drive our firm’s successful growth and strategic expansion into new market areas. With the additions of Denver in 2021 and Fargo and Chicago at the beginning of 2020, we have now grown to nine Midwest locations – providing us the ability to better serve our client’s needs with local offices and firmwide resources coast to coast. Confluence is skilled in using proven methods for engaging people in the creative process. Members of our team routinely serve in a lead facilitation role and excel in collaborating across disciplines with architects, engineers, and environmental professionals. We also regularly contribute as part of larger multi-disciplinary teams led by allied professionals.

We value teamwork and the contributions each participant brings to the process, which typically extends beyond the professional team to include constituent groups and the public. Strong collaboration helps our clients to achieve great results.

ETC Institute

ETC Institute is a 102-person market research firm that specializes in the design and administration of market research for governmental organizations. Our major areas of emphasis include citizen satisfaction surveys, Parks surveys, community planning surveys, business surveys, transportation surveys, employee surveys, voter opinion surveys, focus groups, and stakeholder interviews. Since 1982, ETC Institute has completed research projects for organizations in 49 states. ETC Institute has designed and administered more than 3,500 statistically valid surveys and our team of professional researchers has moderated more than 1,000 focus groups and 2,000 stakeholder meetings. During the past five years alone, ETC Institute has administered surveys in more than 700 cities and counties across the United States. ETC Institute has conducted research for more major U.S. cities and counties than any other firm.

Core services of the firm involve conducting statistically valid surveys and related market research. ETC Institute has conducted more than 600 surveys for Parks systems in 46 states across the country for a wide variety of projects including Parks master plans, strategic plans and feasibility studies.

Established in 1992, the principals and associates of ETC Institute helped secure funding for more than $2 billion of Parks projects. PROS Consulting and ETC Institute have teamed on more than 400 similar Parks projects.