Wednesday, February 16: Both outdoor ice rinks are CLOSED

Two Options:

Mt. Prospect Golf Club (600 South See-Gwun Ave, Mount Prospect) CLOSED

Beau Drive (600 Beau Drive, Des Plaines) CLOSED

 Bring your own skates. No rentals.

Although outside, masks or face coverings are required at the rink to protect all users. It is impossible to keep a six foot distance at all times while skating, so please observe our request to wear your mask.

We are certain residents will use the rink in a safe and respectful manner. Here are a few considerations: COURTESY COUNTS

  • Although outdoors, COVID-19 still exists and we ask you to set and honor reasonable physical boundaries between skaters while on the rink
  • Keep the speed to a pace that is respectful of ALL ages and skating ability.
  • Take breaks in consideration of the cold temperatures. There is no access to the clubhouse facility. No restrooms are available.
  • Utilize your own car for a snack break or a chance to warm up!
  • There are no designated capacity limits but share the ice in order to serve all residents.
  • No hockey if rink is occupied by individual skaters.
  • Do not throw any objects onto the rink including snow or snowballs. Objects on the ice can permanently damage the surface.
  • If conditions (warmer temperatures) are not conducive to skating, please stay off the rink in order to keep the ice even and strong for the optimum skating experience.

Please help us PROTECT OUR PARKS. If you observe any vandalism to the rink or its surroundings, please call 911 to report.