How do I secure a date?  

Once your time, date and rental activity is confirmed, you will receive a contract to sign. A deposit of $200, upon signing the contract, is required to secure the date. The deposit will be applied to your final balance. Final payments must be made 10 days prior to the event date or contract is void. A credit card must be kept on file for all events as a deposit.

Are there restrictions on the type of event I can hold at the Conservatory? 

The activity for which the Conservatory will be rented must be approved by the Coordinator prior to confirmation of the booking. Any sales by a rental group shall be permitted only with prior permission. Gambling is prohibited on Conservatory property. 

What is included in my rental fee?  

Rental rates include the use of designated venue areas, tables and chair setup. Room will be set up as designated in the rental agreement. Table set up must be provided 10 days in advance. Any changes the day of the event are the responsibility of the Rental Host. Setup must adhere to codes and not block any exits.

Do we get time to set up? 

All rentals include one hour of set up time before your event and 30 minutes of breakdown after your end time. For example, if your event is from 11 AM to 2 PM you would have access at 10 AM to set up and all clean up must be completed by 2:30 PM. You will only be charged for the actual time of your event, 11 AM to 2 PM. Extra setup and breakdown time must be arranged in advance and is subject to availability. There is a charge to extend time or if you go over the allotted time. FPC staff are unable to assist with any set up or breakdown beyond chairs and tables.  

Can I decorate? 

Decorations are allowed with the exception of confetti or glitter as well as nails, tape and any anchor that would cause damage, marks or holes. Balloons must be anchored down and disposed of at the end of the event. Fire code prohibits open flames. Candles in votive and hurricane containers are allowed. 

Can I bring in food? 

All food must be provided by a licensed caterer, restaurant or grocery store. All caterers and service staff must be fully licensed and provide a Certificate of Insurance prior to the event. Please note that there are no commercial kitchen facilities on the premises. A small kitchen is available for $50. Water, ice and electricity are available. The host must contract with their choice of caterer to provide all food service delivery, set up and clean up. Please confirm details in writing with the caterer prior to your event. No food preparation is allowed on site unless being prepared by a licensed caterer or food handler. 

We strongly encourage service staff for larger events. Friendship Park Conservatory is not responsible for any food set up, service or cleanup. Food and beverage services are not permitted at any time in the Atrium. All Weddings are required to have service staff for the entire event.

What about beverages? 

Guests may bring in their own non-alcoholic beverages. We do have a commercial ice machine on site. Beverages with red dye, such as Kool Aid, that can stain are not allowed in the banquet room. 

Can we bring in alcohol? 

NO. Mt. Prospect Park District is the holder of the liquor license for Friendship Park Conservatory. No outside alcoholic beverages may be brought into the facility. No alcoholic beverages may be brought outside of the facility including any beverages purchased during an event. Any violation of this policy will result in immediate end to bar service and loss of deposit. All arrangements for the service of alcoholic beverages must be confirmed two weeks prior to the event. A 10% Cook County tax is added on to all tabs. Credit card on file is required. 

Can I rent or bring my own linens? 

We do offer a linen rental service. Linen rentals must be confirmed at least 10 days prior to the event date to insure delivery. FPC staff will set up and break down any linen rented through our service. Rental Host is responsible for any linens or table coverings not provided by FPC.  

Do I need to clean the venue after my event? 

The Rental Host is responsible for venue and/or room breakdown. Any items brought in by the Rental Host or event must be removed at the end of the event. All garbage must be placed in provided trash bins. Garbage bags will be provided. All items must be picked up off of the floor and tables. Tables and chairs will be broken down by FPC staff.  Rental Host will be charged for any excessive cleanup.

What about damages? 

The renter will be held liable for any damage to the building, equipment, furnishings, or grounds (Including excessive clean up) incurred during your rental time. If additional payment is required, the renter agrees to pay within thirty (30) days of the post-rental date. Any fire alarms or fines caused by the event are $200 and will be the responsibility of the Rental Host.  

Can I arrange to have items delivered to the Conservatory? 

Deliveries for the day of the event must be approved by the Coordinator. Set-up and teardowns by outside contractors must occur during the rental time period as stated in the contract. All onsite vendors or caterer details must be approved in writing 10 days prior to the event. 

Can I store items before or after an event? 

We are unable to store items before or after your event. Advance setup must be arranged in advance. There is a charge to set up in advance. Set up time is subject to availability. Charges vary due to availability and scheduling.  

Can I reserve the Courtyard for my event? 

Events may be held in the Courtyard. The banquet room will be held for your event if weather  restricts an outdoor event. You may have access to both areas during your event. Courtyard is only available from June 1st-October 3rd. 

Atrium Usage 

The Atrium is subject to availability during normal business hours. Normal rates include full private use of the Banquet Room only.  All children must be accompanied by an adult at all times in the Atrium


All acts of gambling will not be permitted on Park District property (Friendship Park Conservatory), unless pre-authorized by the Park Board. 

Do you allow pets or animals? 

Only service animals are allowed in the Conservatory. 

Payments & Deposits?

Final payments MUST be made 10 days before the event date. The security deposit is NON REFUNDABLE. Funds may be transferred to a new date if rebooking is possible.

What if I go over my time as stated on my Rental Agreement?

Rental Host is responsible for all breakdown and guest departure by the End Time stated on the Rental Agreement. Rental Host will be AUTOMATICALLY charged the hourly rate for any extension of stated time. Please be considerate and depart the facility as agreed on a timely basis.

Please note, all rules and fees are subject to change.