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See Something–Say Something


Our neighborhood parks provide 365 days of fun for all! We love seeing residents at play; riding bikes, picnicking, walking dogs, resting under a tree and simply enjoying the great outdoors. Unfortunately, the increase in daylight hours brings an increase in acts of park vandalism. Recently, the beautiful Veterans Memorial Bandshell suffered extensive damage from spray paint.

In addition to the shock and surprise over these blatant acts of disrespect, the District must employ a team to clean the vandaled areas. In doing so, the maintenance team must leave their regularly scheduled tasks that benefit ALL of us! Not to mention the associated dollar cost.

So, If you see something, say something!

The Mount Prospect Police Department encourages you to call 911 and report suspicious behavior and acts of vandalism.

Take a moment to teach your children (even the youngest ones) what it means to respect property. These are OUR parks and this is OUR town.